Deal Wargames - 25/07/23 The Battle of Gallabat - 1940

Deal Wargames - 25/07/23 The Battle of Gallabat - 1940

The battle of Gallabat, 1940 - from the original Rapid Fire rulebook - British armour advances up the road but one throws a track on the rough stoney ground as soon as it leaves the road. Artillery reduces the corner turret on the Fort, but Italian artillery is extremely accurate and the MKVI light tanks brew up along with an A13 - cracking shots from "Garibaldi Wayne"

Overview of the table, laid out as best we can from the original Rapid Fire rule book in 1994. The river bed is, for the purposes of this game, dry, and counts as a linear obstacle impassable to wheeled vehicles. British attacking from the top edge, Italian forces replaced in the fort, customs house and village at the bottom of the table

British advance onto the table from the top edge

British tanks advance under cover of smoke to the zariba defences outside the fort. Only firing AP rounds, some of the British players would forget that important point when they opened fire on the fort. A reminder that the only outcome would be a +1 on the dice rolls for the Italians, as the AP shells would add to the "loopholes" in the walls, dissuaded any more unnecessary die rolling. Yup I can be harsh when umpiring 😂

Frontline A13s hiding in some new scrub beautifully knocked up by Dave from 1-72

Thinly armoured, the British armour was vulnerable t o some accurate artillery fire from the Italian 65mm guns

CMP (yes, anachronistic I know) from Skytrex, Raventhorpe Chevvies, Frontline MKVI and Austin K6

Airfix camel from one of their Zoo sets circa late 60s.

CR42 arrives on table and immediately causes havoc, courtesy of Guiseppe Dave


Well the RAF certainly tipped the balance.........not. First turn on the table drove off the Fiat CR42. Second turn failed to spot its target, third turn went to hit some deployed artillery and got shot down in the attempt....d'oh!!!

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