Deal Wargames Society - 04/07/23

Deal Wargames Society - 04/07/23

Tank vs. Tank: A Thrilling Encounter at Prokhorovka

Imagine being a bystander, witnessing an awe-inspiring tank battle unfold on the fields of Prokhorovka. In this thrilling encounter, two formidable forces clashed in a game that brought history to life. As an observer, I had the privilege of watching the strategic maneuvers and intense firefights between the opposing armies.

Setting the Stage:

On one side, the Soviet army assembled a formidable force consisting of 17 T-34 tanks and 9 KV-1 tanks. Across the battlefield, the German forces prepared for the engagement, with a lineup of 3 MkIII tanks, 8 MkIV tanks, 3 Panthers, 3 Tigers, 2 Ferdinands, 1 StuG III, and 3 Marder self-propelled guns. The stage was set for an epic clash of steel and firepower.

An Unpredictable Start:

From the very beginning, it was apparent that luck would play a significant role in the outcome of this battle. The initial die rolls seemed to favor neither side, creating an atmosphere of suspense and anticipation. Despite the challenging circumstances, both commanders remained determined to outmaneuver their opponents and secure victory.

Intense Firefights and Strategic Maneuvers:

As the battle commenced, the air filled with tension and excitement. The Soviet tanks, led by their skilled commander, pushed forward with determination, while the German armored units braced themselves for the onslaught. Explosions rocked the battlefield as shells flew through the air, leaving destruction in their wake. The tactical maneuvers and calculated decisions made by each commander added to the intensity of the engagement.

The Decisive Moment:

As the battle progressed, the momentum swung back and forth between the two armies. It became evident that victory would be determined by the wits and adaptability of the commanders. In a crucial last turn, the Soviet forces attempted to secure an exit from the battlefield, only to be thwarted by the strategic brilliance of their German adversaries. With a hard-fought kill ratio of 1.5:1, the German forces emerged victorious.

Observing "The Punishment Plane":

Throughout the game, an intriguing element known as "The Punishment Plane" came into play. The game organizer had implemented a penalty system to discourage unsporting behavior or rules infractions. In this instance, a case of "stretchy measuring" resulted in a free airstrike by a vintage Matchbox model—an impressive Junkers 87 G2 "kanonenvogel." Though the strike successfully hit its target, it failed to inflict significant damage, serving as a reminder of the importance of fair play and adherence to the rules.


Being a bystander to the tank battle at Prokhorovka was an unforgettable experience. The strategic decisions, intense firefights, and unexpected twists showcased the excitement and depth of tabletop gaming. Witnessing the dedication and camaraderie displayed by the commanders added to the immersion and enjoyment of the event. As the dust settled and the miniatures were carefully packed away, it was evident that this encounter would be remembered as an epic clash of tanks and a testament to the passion of the gaming community.

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