How to get your Russian Buildings just right!

How to get your Russian Buildings just right!

Are you ready to bring out the exceptional detail and quality of your Battle Honours 3D models through painting? In this tutorial, we'll break down the process of painting Battle Honours 3D buildings for the best results. The key is to leverage the sculpting and detail provided in these models to create stunning tabletop scenery. Let's dive in!

Light Matt White Undercoat

Start by applying a light matt white undercoat to your Battle Honours 3D building. Use an aerosol spray and hold it approximately 1ft to 18 inches away for a light and even coating. Allow the undercoat to dry thoroughly.

Acrylic Sand Colouring

Since you're painting wood effect, take advantage of the excellent detail and high quality of the Battle Honours 3D buildings. Cover the entire building with an acrylic sand colouring. You can water it down for a thinner layer. Avoid making it too thick, as this is just the first step. If you have an aerosol can or a spray gun, you can also use it for this step.

Brown Wash

Next, apply a brown wash. This wash should be smooth and transparent, allowing the sand colouring to show through. Brush it onto your fingertip, ensuring that your fingerprint is still visible but covered in brown. This is a test to make sure you have the right consistency. Apply this wash to the entire building, enhancing the sand colouring and bringing out the detail. If you notice excess or pooling, gently wipe it with a tissue and reapply until it's just right. Let it dry completely.

Battle Honours 3D

Window Frames, Doors & Eves

With a small paint brush, paint all the windows in white. Then, using a power blue colour, paint the window frames, doors, and eaves in blue. This blue hue signifies villagers using leftover paint from painting the church and carries a religious meaning of sky blue. Use a tissue to prevent pooling and strange-looking areas. Let it dry.

Ink Wash

Prepare an ink wash by adding a couple of drops of ink into a jar of water until you achieve the desired colour. This will add shading to the flat primary colours and enhance the details. Prepare the water with a ratio of approximately 1 to 4 pledge floor polish to water to adjust the consistency and flow of the wash. Once the building is dry, apply the ink wash over the entire structure, covering everything. Allow it to dry completely.

Dry Brushing

To bring out highlights in the designed buildings, take a makeup brush and lightly dip it into white acrylic paint. Remove excess paint by wiping it on a piece of kitchen towel. Gently dust the building with the makeup brush to create highlights. Allow the building to dry completely.

Matt Varnish Seal the building with a light coating of matt varnish spray from about 1ft away. This step will protect the colours from fading and ensure that small knocks won't affect the model.

Are you interested in the buildings?

Share Your Creations

Now that you've followed this guide, it's time to showcase your painted Battle Honours 3D buildings. We'd love to hear from you! Share your finished models and let us know how they turned out. Feel free to get in touch with us on our social media platforms. Happy gaming and painting!

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