Enhance Your Medieval Wargames with the Bastile House from Battle Honours 3D

Enhance Your Medieval Wargames with the Bastile House from Battle Honours 3D

Step back in time with the Medieval Bastile with Stairs, a meticulously crafted 3D printed model from Battle Honours 3D. This robust model captures the essence of medieval fortifications and is perfect for adding a historical dimension to tabletop wargames and dioramas. Whether used as a stronghold in medieval battles or as a scenic piece in historical displays, this bastile enhances any setting with its architectural authenticity and strategic utility.

Product Specifications

The Medieval Bastile with Stairs features precise dimensions and detailed architectural elements that reflect the sturdy construction of medieval fortifications. Made from high-quality resin, the model includes a functional staircase, defensible walls, and realistic texturing that brings the building to life. Its design is tailored to complement various scales, ensuring it fits seamlessly into existing collections and gaming setups.

Historical Context

Bastiles, often central to community defense and military operations during the medieval period, served as fortified homes or lookout points. The Medieval Bastile with Stairs model represents these historical buildings, offering a glimpse into medieval warfare and daily life. This model not only serves as a game piece but also as an educational tool, providing historical insights through its detailed construction.

Versatility in Gaming

This bastile model is ideal for a range of gaming scenarios, particularly those involving medieval or fantasy themes. It provides strategic advantages such as elevated firing positions and defensive cover, enhancing gameplay with realistic battle dynamics. Its robust design makes it a focal point in scenarios, whether hosting a last stand or serving as a key objective in siege warfare.

Enhancing Dioramas

The Medieval Bastile with Stairs is also a standout choice for diorama enthusiasts. Its detailed features and historical accuracy make it a perfect centerpiece for medieval scenes. Tips for painting and customizing the model allow hobbyists to personalize the bastile, whether aiming for an aged, weathered look or a well-maintained fortress appearance. Its chunky, detailed structure adds depth and authenticity to any diorama.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Our customers highly praise the Medieval Bastile with Stairs for its quality and functionality. One user mentioned, "The Bastle House is a beautiful product. It's very well modeled and I will soon be using it. The only problem I had was having to trim two tabs from the roof for a better fit, but that was pretty quick and easy. I strongly recommend this item." Another customer stated, "Brilliant chunky model of a sturdy

Bastle House. Perfect for games involving Border Reivers. Loads of detail superbly printed. Highly recommended." These testimonials underscore the model's appeal and practicality, enhancing its reputation as a must-have for gaming and modeling enthusiasts.


The Medieval Bastile with Stairs from Battle Honours 3D is an essential addition for anyone interested in historical wargaming or medieval dioramas. With its detailed design and functional features, it offers both aesthetic appeal and practical gameplay benefits, making it a versatile and valuable piece in any collection.

Elevate your historical gaming and diorama projects with the Medieval Bastile with Stairs. Visit Battle Honours 3D to secure this impressive model. Experience the satisfaction of painting and deploying your own Medieval Bastile, and share your setups and stories with our community. Join us in bringing history to life on your tabletop!

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