Rural Compound Deep Dive

Rural Compound Deep Dive

Rural Compound

Are you a wargaming enthusiast looking to add some realism and historical accuracy to your tabletop battles? Look no further than the rural compound set from Battle Honours 3D! In this review, we'll delve into the incredible features of this versatile terrain piece that can transport your gaming experience to various eras and scenarios.

Unmatched Value for Money

One of the standout features of Battle Honours 3D's rural compound set is the inclusion of all four gun positions. This is a game-changer for those who want to recreate iconic battles, such as Dick Winters' attack during World War II. Unlike some other manufacturers, this set offers exceptional value for money by providing you with all the essential components for an authentic gaming experience.

Seamless Assembly

One of the biggest hassles in assembling terrain for tabletop wargaming is the need for trimming, removal of flashing, and the tedious work of making everything fit seamlessly. Fortunately, the rural compound set from Battle Honours 3D eliminates these headaches. The trenches and gun pits in this set fit together flawlessly, requiring no trimming or cleanup. This means you can spend more time strategizing and less time fussing over assembly.

Texture and Detail

When it comes to creating a realistic battlefield, texture matters. Battle Honours 3D pays meticulous attention to detail, and it shows in the texture on the mould of this terrain set. The excellent texture adds depth and authenticity to your tabletop battles, making every game a visually stunning experience.

Endless Possibilities

What sets this rural compound apart is its adaptability. While it's perfect for recreating historical battles like those from World War II or World War I, it doesn't stop there. Depending on your painting choices and imagination, this terrain can easily transform into a US Vietnam Firebase, a battleground from 1914-18, or any other generic battle with trenches. The versatility of this terrain set knows no bounds, allowing you to explore various scenarios and eras without investing in multiple terrain pieces.


In summary, Battle Honours 3D's rural compound set is a game-changer for wargaming enthusiasts. With its unmatched value for money, easy assembly, exceptional texture, and limitless potential for different scenarios, it's a must-have addition to your tabletop arsenal. Whether you're reliving historical battles or creating your own unique wargaming experiences, this terrain set delivers on all fronts.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your wargaming adventures with this outstanding product from Battle Honours 3D. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of tabletop wargaming like never before!

Rural Compound ★★★★★

"Very nice piece of kit. Fits together remarkably smoothly, I did not have to do any trimming or shaving etc. Very suitable for all eras and genres, so i used it for North Africa,Middle East and Afghanistan scenarios. If you dont glue it together you can probably use the compound in a variety of other ways too. Texture and colour of the mould is excellent. Order was processed very quickly and everything arrived securely packaged."


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