Russians Vs Germans 1944

Russians Vs Germans 1944

Welcome back to Battle Honours 3D, where we bring you another exciting tabletop war gaming battle report!

In this rerun of a game we played a few weeks ago, we're taking to a different table with infantry, artillery, and even planes making appearances. We're using the same set of rules we've been fine-tuning, creating an excellent gaming experience. So, join us as we dive into the action and see who will emerge victorious in this epic clash between the German and Russian forces.

The scenario unfolds with the Russians defending against the advancing German forces. The objective is clear: the Germans must push forward and attempt to secure the Russian village located at the top of the table. Each side begins with half of their forces, with reinforcements expected to arrive for both sides on Turn 3. The table is divided into four sections, with a central road separating each half for deployment.

I will be taking part with half of the Germans.

German Strategy: Deployed cautiously, planning to keep the majority of their forces to the south of the table. My objective at first, was to capture and hold the first small village until reinforcements arrived. After dealing with the Russian forces to the south, the plan was to move north to flank the Russians behind the church.

Turn 1: Luck was on the German side as they won the first initiative. Tanks moved into position, and the German forces began to establish themselves. Meanwhile, a fellow German player rushed to occupy a destroyed building in the center of the table.

Russian Response: The Russians responded by developing their forces, spreading them fairly evenly across the battlefield.

Turn 2: This time, the Russians won the initiative and began to push their tanks forward through the center. They also split some divisions, attempting to get some shots at the German tanks. Fortunately, the Germans remained hidden, avoiding the Russian artillery fire.

First Blood: The German player finally had the chance to return fire, and their MK4 tank scored the first kill of the game, taking down a Russian tank in the centre of the table.

Turn 3: The Germans won the initiative roll for Turn 3, a crucial moment in the game. They took the opportunity to bring in reinforcements, adding more tanks to the fray. Russian casualties mounted as the Germans targeted the scouting Russians on the northern hill and dealing with most of the infantry in the middle of the board.

The Lone Scout: A lone Russian scouting tank managed to evade the attention of three German tanks within 10 inches, illustrating the chaos of the battlefield. Miss! Miss! Miss!

Russian Counterattack: Turn 3 for the Russians saw a column advancing down the central road and more tanks occupying the northern village. Sneaky Russian troops took up positions in the church for a better vantage point, while the scouting tank made a hasty retreat.

What's Next: As we head into Turn 4, both sides have had their moments, but who will emerge as the ultimate victor? The Germans have made an impressive start, but the Russians seem to be adapting their strategy. It's anyone's game at this point, and we can't wait to see how it unfolds in the next report!

Stay tuned for more exciting tabletop war gaming action right here at Battle Honours 3D. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the rules and stats we're using for this game, feel free to ask below. Until next time, happy gaming!


Pictured are Battle Honours 3D Russian Village buildings, check them out here :


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