Russian Vs German - The Explosive Side Swap

Russian Vs German - The Explosive Side Swap

In our latest tabletop war gaming adventure, we embarked on an explosive journey based on our previous battle. This gripping clash continued from our previous three sessions, but with a twist – we switched sides, and I found myself in control of half of the Russian forces.

While the Russian troops had previously retreated and regrouped after a hard-fought draw, the remaining German forces had the chance to resupply, dig in, and set up ambush areas.

Before the Russians took their first turn, I received a mission briefing that was clear and concise: push forward, secure the crossroads, flank around, and attempt to seize the stunning Battle Honours 3D Russian village. The strategy was to advance quickly, with the promise of additional units backing us up.

The Germans, on the other hand, had some sneaky tricks up their sleeves. They spent time planting hidden units represented as cards and decoy units along a ridge that stretched across the table's width, making it challenging for us to spot their positions. My battle was set to unfold on the southern half of the table.

Following the advice of my fellow commander, I identified the more fragile units and the ones I should hold back. As a result, I sent four units forward and held four in reserve, but to my dismay, I failed to spot any of the enemy's hidden elements. Damned cursed dice!

My comrade opted for a massive tank wall advancing slowly, while I sent another column of tanks along the central road.

In round 2, the Germans secured the initiative, a pivotal moment in the game. This gave them the opportunity to bring out tanks, infantry, and anti-tank guns, leading to the swift demise of my four most advanced units. I managed to fire back with my units at the rear, eliminating some infantry but failing to take down any tanks or dug-in anti-tank positions.

I introduced more tanks in the center and did my best to locate any defensive troops in the middle of the battlefield.

Round 3 brought yet another initiative win for the Germans, adding to the chaos. We lost more tanks, and the Germans continued to reveal units from their hidden positions. Down in the southern part of the map, I cautiously pushed forward with my remaining three tanks, trying to avoid detection by the elusive anti-tank guns. Finally, some German units fell in the northern/center area of the map, allowing me to focus on clearing any potential ambush threats for my next tank advance.

The battle had only just begun, and while we faced some critical dice rolls that favored the Germans in terms of initiative, there was much more action to come before the final outcome would be decided.

I found the concept of hidden ambushing troops intriguing, but I couldn't help but wonder if there might be alternative ways to incorporate such tactics into the game. Have you ever experimented with similar strategies in your tabletop war gaming adventures? If so, how did you manage them?

Stay tuned for next week's update, where we'll discover whether I can break through the German lines and secure the crossroads!

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