Deal Wargames - 18/07/23 Warhammer with Will

Deal Wargames - 18/07/23 Warhammer with Will
Tonights Episode between Will & Sid.
Adeptus Titanicus City fight. I think Will took a turn by turn photo frenzy but here's mine - two player game with huge mechs and tiny troubles, fighting over some great scenery and brings that tag line, in the grim future, there is only war. And as an added bonus, a visit from Sweep Hall who sat.....and watched....and learned. In the immortal words of HG Wells "No one would have believed, as he drew his plans against us.....and then rushed off home with his mojo tickled to knock some Titans together and get his paint brushes out.
One of the great things about being in a club is it gives you the opportunity to try out new things and familiarise yourself with new or different rule sets in play
1750pts of absolute carnage, titanic magazines detonating, reactors going thermonuclear, the whole shebang. The treacherous Legio Tritonis commanded by myself (Bone-white and black scheme) and Sid in command of The combined loyalist Legio Ossedax and Legio Sinister support (quartered blue and white with orange heads, plus the black with copper-gold head).

Turn 1 was fairly cagey, with Legio Tritonis techno-sorcery blanketing the battlefield in great swaths of darkness to shield themselves from enemy fire as the Ossedax forces surged forward. The Princeps Senioris of the Ossedax forces fired on the Dire Wolf of the Tritonis forces, but failed to pull down it's shields. In return the Reaver was badly damaged under a withering torrent of fire from the Dire Wolf, both Warhounds and the Reaver titan of the opposing force, it's shields bursting and taking several critical hits to it's legs.
Turn 2 quickly devolved into a brawl in the centre of the board, while the flanking elements of both forces jockeyed for key positions. The mighty Psi-Titan of the Legio sinister made its presence known in the fight by unleashing a fusillade from it's warp-powered weapons into the Reaver of Legio Tritonis, but failing to bring the war-machine down as it barrelled forward, passing under it's shields. Once inside the Reaver unleashed a blistering salvo from all of its weapons, carving great chunks from the superstructure of the eldritch behemoth before it. Even in his crippled engine, the Princeps of the Ossedax Reaver Titan did his duty, his gatling cannon bringing down the Tritonis Reaver under a hail of man-sized shells to defend his ally. Meanwhile the Princeps of the Tritonis Warlord slammed bodily into an opposing Warhound before firing weapons at point-blank range. Shockingly: The smaller engine survived the onslaught, and even managed to critically damage the legs of the much larger titan! The outflanking loyalist Knight banner was met with an unpleasently warm welcome from one of the Tritonis Warhounds - In the form of a blast of plasma evaporating one of the (comparatively) diminutive engines, and damaging the other, while the trio of Tritonis alligned knights used the cover of the buildings to avoid the Warhound that moved to block their path.
Turn 3 was Explosions. Lots and lots of explosions. The Ossedax Warhound valiantly tried to take down the Warlord that stood before it, but to no avail : It was flattened under the tread of the ancient engine, it's magazine detonating in a huge explosion. But the warlord wasn't spent yet: It turned it's guns on the limping Ossedax Reaver. Meanwhile the Tritonis knight banner pounced on the wounded Psi-titan, their siege claws compromising the Titans legs and causing the colossal engine to fall: The containment field around its weapons power source failing as it did so. The result was a momentary warp-tear that disintegrated 2 of the knights, as well as damaging rocking all of the war-machines nearby. The Princeps of the Ossedax Reaver, sensing his time was near, opened fire on the nearby Tritonis Warhound in a desperate attempt to prevent his Knightly ally from being slain. His fire was effective and withering, but not quite enough to get the job done. The Tritonis Warlord made sure he wouldn't get a second attempt, it's macro-gatling cannons' explosive shells rupturing the Reavers' Reactor housing. The resulting tempest of heat and rads rendering the last of the traitor Knights a lifeless husk, slain mere meters from it's objective!. The last of the Loyalist knights fared little better: reduced to slag by the plasma blastgun of the Warhound the Ossedax reaver had so fervently tried to put down.
And with that, we called the game for the evening as a Traitor victory, as Sid was down to a single Warhound, and I still had 4 engines in play. This is my first time doing something more in depth like this, so I hope you all enjoyed it!
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