Deal Wargames - 18/07/23 - Rapid Fire

Deal Wargames - 18/07/23 - Rapid Fire
I set this Rapid Fire game in Poland, 1939 - though the basic scenario was adapted from the Rapid Fire Battle for France 1940 scenario book. These are very handy for giving you the basis of a scenario even if you're playing out of theatre for a pick up and play game. DS and T advanced as the Germans, a Panzer battalion supported by artillery, Stukas and 2 motorised infantry battalions. Defending were two Polish battalions, one regular infantry, one 10th Motorised brigade. A fictitious encounter, the Germans started well, overrunning the outlying Polish defences. TS used the smoke in our in-house adaptions to good effect, getting up close to the objectives. To win the Germans had to capture two buildings in the town, to draw the Polish forces had to not let them gain more than one, or to win, stop them completely.
Obsessed with the smoke and advancing for a quick win, the German left flank battered itself to destruction, the 10th Motorised remaining resolute in defence. In the town, Jr General dug in to the ruins and as the enemy broke cover to storm the buildings, was hit with a withering fire.
Even the dreaded Stukas had little effect, two of them supporting the ground troops. But to no avail, after a solid defence, including some swift manoeuvering of some artillery, the Polish defenders forced both enemy units to test morale, and with that, they broke and fled, leaving the Panzers unsupported, and they too fell back to lick their wounds. A reflection somewhat of events that happened in 1939 when the Panzers first entered Warsaw. A good solid win by Jr General and Alex. No planes of punishment in this game as two were already scheduled to fly in- but on two occasions there was very nearly a "barrage of doom", brought about by questioning the umpire in a very cheeky way, to try and gain that frivolous advantage......they never learn🤣
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