Deal Wargames - 01/08/23

Deal Wargames - 01/08/23
The sleepy coastal village of Peal and Walmerington-by Sea. Hitler has decided against launching Sealion cos the RAF were being too stubborn. So, he's decided that he wants that wonder radar the Tommy's have got. A cunning planning devised (not by old Adolf that's for sure). Just before dawn, a glider assault (off table) at the radar station secures the hits they need. Meanwhile a special forces Brandenburger unit lands by seaplane which taxes close in to the sea wall. I. Dinghies, the commandos are to secure the town before landing barges bringing some regular infantry and light armour to act as a shield around the landing point. At the same time a shot down Heinkel crew attempt to make it to the rendezvous, their best chance of escaping certain captivity, whilst fifth columnists do their best to hamper the defence. All this and the Fallschirmjaeger steal the trucks from the radar site to head back into town, and tag along behind the British reinforcements until its time to make good their escape.
A successful mission which resulted in a German victory including kudos for deploying nuns with guns, capturing Capt Wainmaring, Sgt Winsome and Cpl Bones, whose hutchers van brewed up after a 5th columnist dressed as a spiv, firebombed it with a bottle of whisky. Jr General held out in the pillbox on the beach til halfway in, before engineers took him out for a barbecue.
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