Dominate the Medieval Battlefield with the Tower House from Battle Honours 3D

Dominate the Medieval Battlefield with the Tower House from Battle Honours 3D

Step into the past with the Medieval Tower House, a masterpiece of 3D printed architecture from Battle Honours 3D. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this model captures the essence of medieval fortifications, making it an ideal addition to both historical wargames and elaborate dioramas. Whether you're staging epic battles or creating a historically accurate medieval landscape, the Medieval Tower House stands out as a focal point of strategic and visual interest.

Product Specifications

The Medieval Tower House is a marvel of design and technology, featuring intricate stonework, functional battlements, and a modular design that allows for customization. The model is available with two alternative roof options, giving collectors and gamers the ability to adapt the piece to their specific aesthetic or gaming needs. Crafted with precision, this model is compatible with 28mm miniatures, making it a perfect fit for popular tabletop wargaming scales.

Historical Context

Historically, tower houses played a crucial role in medieval society as both defensive strongholds and symbols of lordly power. Positioned strategically across various landscapes, these structures provided safety and surveillance advantages against invaders. The Medieval Tower House model brings these elements to life, offering players and hobbyists a tangible connection to the past and an authentic piece of medieval architecture.

Versatility in Gaming

In gaming scenarios, the Medieval Tower House provides numerous tactical benefits. Its height offers a vantage point for ranged attacks, while its sturdy walls serve as formidable defenses. The modular nature of the model also allows players to reconfigure the setup for various campaigns, making it a versatile and reusable element in any wargaming collection.

Enhancing Dioramas

For diorama enthusiasts, the Medieval Tower House is a project of passion. The exceptional detail and quality of the model invite elaborate customization, from painting to weathering, to truly capture the aged look of medieval stone. As one customer noted, the kit turned into a "labour of love," deserving of a "decent paint job" due to its fantastic detail and modeling.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Our customers are ecstatic about the Medieval Tower House, praising its quality and impact on gaming tables. One enthusiastic customer shared, "Crikey, this is good, definitely the best tower house model I have ever seen... Highly recommended, both the kit and BH3D!" Their experience highlights the model's impressive scale, detail, and the excellent service provided by Battle Honours 3D, making it a highly recommended purchase for serious collectors and gamers alike.


The Medieval Tower House from Battle Honours 3D is more than just a model; it's a piece of art that brings medieval history to life. Its strategic utility and aesthetic appeal make it an indispensable addition to any wargaming scenario or historical diorama.

Elevate your tabletop battles and dioramas with the Medieval Tower House. Visit Battle Honours 3D to purchase this exquisite model and explore other high-quality 3D printed sets. Don't just play the game; dominate the landscape with this remarkable medieval tower.

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