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More info about the collection

Whats included?

- 6 Fence Sections

  Length  Width Height
6mm 47 1 6
10mm 78 1 11
15mm 113 1 15
20mm 155 1 21
25mm 175 1 24
28mm 197 1 27
*Approximate sizes in mm

Designed by Gordon Kitney

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We provide high quality, beautifully designed, finely produced 3D resin prints. BattleHonours3D is operated by a dedicated team of wargamers that have been in the industry for decades. We produce resin models that are not only high quality, but also embody a true representation of the original subjects.

All the models and buildings are printed under licences held by BattleHonours3D.

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What scales are on offer?

Here at Battlehonours3D we offer a variety of scales for all tabletop gaming scenarios, 6mm, 10 - 12mm (insert blog), 13.5mm, 15 - 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 42mm, & 54mm. Due to how small the models are at below 15mm in scale, all models at 6mm & 10 – 12mm will be printed as one complete piece. All sizes 15 - 18mm and above will come in parts with removable roofs so you are able to battle and use the various levels of our multistorey buildings, ideal for placing figures in firing positions.

Are the models supplied painted?

Please be aware this product is provided unpainted and unassembled.
The painted photos displayed are just samples of what can be done with our models. If you would like more information on how to paint the models to the high standard that has been pictured, then please check out our blog articles giving step by step tutorials on how we paint our models. We recommend priming & painting the models prior to use to get the best out of the high-quality prints we provide. 

What resolution are the models printed in?

These models and buildings are printed in high quality resin in 7k resolution to get the most out of our designs. Due to printing, some models will come as pieces and might require some minor cleaning & sanding prior for easy assembly. Our aim at BattleHonours3D is to provide you with high detailed, realistic prints. We take the time needed to ensure that our prints will not have layer lines, and you will get the finest of details displayed on the models.

What level of detail should I expect to receive?

We take the time needed to ensure that our prints will not have layer lines, and you will get the finest of details displayed on the models.

We are in the process of printing all our models in a variety of sizes. Sadly, during this process some of the designs you see will be digital renders of the designs, but please do go and check out some of
our other items that have been printed to our ambitious standards and check out the quality of detail you could be receiving from us.


Who are the models for?

We offer our models those that would use them for Tabletop War Gaming, RP'ing, for model trains and

even dioramas.

Due the potentially small pieces our models are not suitable for children. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/carer to gauge the suitability of our products.